Tooth Bright Whitening- Organic- Activated Coconut Charcoal

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Always made with THE BEST ingredients:
Organic activated coconut charcoal
Glass jar

Coconut charcoal comes from the husks of coconuts meaning it is organic and a chemical free teeth whitener. It is able to absorb plaque and bacteria in your mouth that contribute to yellow teeth and bad breath!

How to use:
The coconut charcoal can be used in different forms for a whiter smile. Try mixing it with water or your usual toothpaste and brush. You can simply dip your brush into the powder and brush like normal for 3 minutes or mix with water to make a mouthwash and swish for 5 minutes. If brushing the powder on you can use the mixture 2-3 times a week or use daily as a mouthwash to see results. After 2 weeks you should notice a brighter smile.

Be cautious when brushing the powder on your teeth. Since coconut charcoal can be abrasive- gently brush, if necessary use only once a week, or use as a mouthwash instead.