Organic Water

HealthyVibration is a strong beliver of the saying,
Change your WATER, Change your LIFE!!!
There are many ways to purfiy all the
contaminents out of your drinking water.
Some easier than others. Our Favorite ways are:
1. Berkey Water Filters- These stainless steel canisters sit right on the
countertop, no electricy required. Travel size available and last for years!
The BEST part about Berkey Water Filters is the Fluoride filter attachment!
This was a mandadory for our family. Great for emergency preparedness.
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2. Kangen Water Ionizer- The KING of all filters~ This amaizng machine hooks up to your kitchen sink and provides several types of purified water. 2.5PH is Sterile water that works has a chemical free houshold cleaner! 5.5PH is Beauty Water, same has your hair and skin. Refresh and tone your skin and hair anytime you want! no more tapwater on your face~ Drinking the 9.5PH alkalized water has amazng healing benefits. By balancing the bodys PH plus more, you will THRIVE. The microclusters of the water are split into tiny molocules which hydrate you better than any other liquid you can drink! See the oxygen in your water with your own eyes~ So much to say about this amaizing machine that last for a lifetime. Pennies for unlimited medicinal water.  
To own your own Kangen Water Ionizer, Find more here.

Filtering your own water is KEY for self sustainability and helping our EARTH. You will save money and time for THE BEST quality water at your fingertips.

Clean water is one of the MOST important investment you can make for you & your families' health.

BEFORE ordering your

Berkey or Kangen,

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