Our Story

"Our products bring you closer to Nature."

Matt & Jaz (Maka & Pua),  2 Creatives from Los Angeles County. Left the city and went on a search for something greater. After living off the grid and four islands later, Healthy Vibration was born. We cultivate and create organic products that help Heal Thy Vibration by bringing you closer to nature. Mother Nature's gifts are endless, which is how we are able to use our passion for nature, creating and helping people become their BEST. You will be amazed by our easy herbal swaps that can uplift your vibe by grounding your lifestyle
back to your roots!

       You are capable of feeling Nature's greatness and joy ...COME SEE HOW





11400 State Hwy 30 Suite 902
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 286-0275