Palo Santo- smudge stick incense

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Goodbye germs in your home, The Natural Way...

One of the SCRUMPTIOUS smells in the the entire world....If you know you know! if you dont, then you MUST TRY for yourself!! Only $5! 

Did you know...Palo Santo Trees grow to be 100 years old before they die and then cure for another 10 years before harvested for fragrance use?

This is why Palo Santo is considered a sacred incense. 

Our Palo Santo is Sustainably sourced from Peru.

Shapes and size od Palo Santo Stick will vary. Each piece is unique. 


Why should I burn Palo Santo?
Smoke from burning dried herbs and clean woods kill 97% of germs and viruses in the Air. Instead of using chemical airfresheners, which are actually adding toxins to your home. This is an alternative to freshen your indoor and outdoor space. 
Where do I burn Palo Santo?
It is advised to open the windows and doors when using inside. You may also burn outside for keeping mosquitos away and smelling like a wonderful forrest.
How do I burn Palo Santo?
Simply light the end with a lighter or torch untill it lights on fire, blow out the palo santo flame and its ready to go! Walk around th area you would like to freshen.
You may need to relit a few times depending on your preference of smoke.
How long does 1 stick last?
The more you burn your palo santo, the smaller it will get until it is too small to light. Palo santo wood burns very slow and will last longer than 4-6months if used sparingly.
Are there spiritual benifits to burning palo santo?
Indigenous people believe that Palo Santo helps remove bad energy in a space and invites in postive fresh renewing energy in.