Organic Hair Growth - Subscription Box

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I found out natures secrets for Gorgeous, Long, Thick Hair...The Natural way!

Youll be obssessed with my Hair Growth products just like everyone who uses them.

Every 2 months, You will recieve 3 awesome HealthyVibration hair growth products!

Youll be hooked on Our amazing Scalp Spritzer, use it daily! for thickiness, growth

Removing Product Build up clogged in scalp pores. Great For Dry Scalp, Dandruff.

Our Nightime Eyelash Serum, Hair growth oil, Depp cnodtioner & Growth Oil~


We LOVE our Hair Growth Products so much...You will too! Save Time, Sign up for only $33, every 2 months! 

What Products will I recieve?
You will recieve 3 HealthyVibration Hair Growth products, Boxes are curated so you will recieve a mix.
Can I skip a month?
Yes, Email Customer Support before 5th of the Month to Skip.
When will I receive my box?
We send out boxes on the 10th & 20th of each month. When your payment is processed, you will recieve your box on the nearest upcoming shipping date.
When will I be charged each month?
You will be charged on the 5th of each month. If that payment does not go through, it will be processed again on the 10th.
Can I return or exchage my products?
No, we dont not accept returns of exchanges on Beauty products. Please email customer supoort if you have a problem with your order.
Can I change the size of the ring on each box?
We ask that you keep your ring size the same throughout your subscription. but You are allowed 1 change in size every 6 months. If you need to change your ring size. Email customer support for assistance.