Gemstone Jewlery- Monthly Subscription BOX

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Gemstone Viber....This really is for you!

We convienently send you a beaded bracelet and wire wrapped copper & gemstone ring each month!

ONLY $22 per month! Free shipping & free goodies!


Some included in the Box are: Amethyst, Jasper, Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Amazonite, adventurine, agate & more!!

Rings are Handmade!!

You will have Earth Jewelry for every mood and outfit. 

Save time, Love....We ship it to you!



What Gemstones will I recieve?
Part of the Fun is getting a surprise Gemstone! Each Box is unique, but you will never recieve a repeat of Gemstone.
Can I skip a month?
Yes, Email Customer Support before 5th of the Month to Skip.
When will I receive my box?
We send out boxes on the 10th & 20th of each month. When your payment is processed, you will recieve your box on the nearest upcoming shipping date.
When will I be charged each month?
You will be charged on the 5th of each month. If that payment does not go through, it will be processed again on the 10th.
Can I return or exchnage my jewlery?
No, we dont not accept returns of echanges on jewelry. Please email customer supoort if you have a problem with your order.
Can I change the size of the ring on each box?
We ask that you keep your ring size the same throughout your subscription. but You are allowed 1 change in size every 6 months. If you need to change your ring size. Email customer support for assistance.