Frankincense, Myrrh & Turmeric Oil- Prayer oil

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Holy 3:  
doTERRA Frankincense oil
doTERRA  Myrrh oil
doTERRA Turmeric oil

Organic Fractionated coconut oil

*Medicine Cabinet MUST HAVE* 

Story Behind Holy 3:
The story is told that 3 Wise men gave baby Messiah 3 gifts:  Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. Now why would a baby need 2 medicines and Money? Some speculate that the Golden gift given was actually Turmeric! The 3 PURE healing medicinal herbs NEEDED to protect the King <3  Essential oil is the PUREST and Most Precious form of any Herb.
One unexpected night, our son Lev woke up crying. We tried every natural remedy and nothing was helping. For the first time, he didn't even want Mama to hold him! We were stumped but prayed for healing. The story of the 3 Wise Men came to Matt and he decided to mix the 3 oils together and rub it all over Levs belly and chest. Within 5 min, Lev was laughing, complete transformation to a happy baby! It was Astonishing! Now, it is our go to roller for when we don't know what is wrong! Toda Abba! 

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