Essential oil Roller Subscription Box ---- 2 per month

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Youll be hooked on using Essential Oils Topically! Thats why our Monthly Subscription is FOR YOU!!

Made with doTERRA essential oils and organic coconut oil!

Safe for kids. Plant Medicine.

Collect them all~theres an oil for everything! and we include an info card so you learn exactly what herbs are in it, and how to use the oil topically!

Amazing uses including: Sleep, Stress, Digestion, Congestion, Immunity boosting, Detoxing, Pain relief, Muscle rub, Massaging, First aid & more

Chose between:

1 for $11

2 for $22 *THIS BOX*

3 for $33

4 for $44

Never a Repeat!! 

When Will I be charged?
First payment is made at time of purchase.  Monthly payments must be made on the 5th or 15th of each month. 
When will I get my Essential Oil Roller?
Boxes are sent out on the 10th and 20th of each month. When payment is made, 
Roller will be sent out on the closest shipment date.
Can I change the Roller?
Your Essentilal oil Box subscription will be automatically curated each month. If you have a special request or allergy, Please email Customer suport at time of purchase.
Can I return or exchange my Roller?
No,  We do not accept exchanges on Rollers due to sanitation reasons.
How long is the subscription?
You will be signed up for a 12 Month Subscription Box. Credit card number that is used at sign up will be charged on the 5th of each month. If payment does not go through, it will be tried again on the 15th of the Month. 
How do I cancel my subscription?
IF you would like to cancel your subscription box, Email customer care before the 5th of each month to avoid being charged.